Stream Energy Captures the Consumer Energy Market in Delaware

Stream Energy has announced its move into the Delaware energy market. This Dallas based company has been around since 2005. This company has been expanding into different markets since their inception. In case you didn’t know, Stream Energy is a company that reduces energy costs for consumers.


The organization primarily focuses on electricity reduction. They can save consumers anywhere between 2% – 10% off their energy bill. Like most states, the Department of Energy has an energy plan in place that reduces costs and provides a wide variety of energy services. When Stream Energy pushed into this market they realized that the state of Delaware was ready for the services they provide.


Delaware is not a big state. Its energy sector is not that robust, but it is efficient. Delaware’s customers benefit from a practical energy market that is affordable and productive for consumer needs. The people there really understand how important it is to have a low energy cost. Especially during the long winters which are usually cold, snowy and wet.


Stream Energy is a direct selling company. This means that their employees and customers acquire new clients through one on one marketing techniques. Many people like Stream because of the great service they provide. They enjoy the savings they receive on their utility bills. The company not only provides electricity reduction services; it also provides mobile service data plans, health care coverage and smart home technology.


The company has pushed into various markets which include Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey and New York. They even have market share in the state of Georgia. While Stream Energy has its headquarters in the western part of the country, it has a huge customer base in the Northeastern part of the United States ( Stream Energy is planning on expanding their operations to other states around the U.S. They are slowing gaining ground within each region of the U.S. and many consumers are happy with their services.