Stream Energy Battles The Energy Vampires

Anybody who enjoys modern electronics or who even has a few gadgets that are aren’t quite so modern knows the pain of receiving an unexpectedly high energy bill. The surprise can be overwhelming and can make one cry out in horror. But what can be done about these horrifically high energy bills? Stream Energy has advice for the everyday consumer!


Unplug all of those gadgets which are left on when leaving the home. Now, we’re not talking about unplugging your refrigerator or oven or anything like that, that would be inconvenient to a fault. However, there is absolutely no harm in unplugging the television, gaming console, blu ray player or other assorted gadgets of their ilk. Most people don’t know that an entertainment system left unplugged can quickly cost the unwitting consumer well over $100 annually in wasted electricity.


Here is the key. Everything needs to be actually unplugged, not just turned off. Most people do not know that electronic devices continue to use energy even when they are turned off. This is why they are sometimes referred to as “energy vampires”. By making sure to use power strips whenever possible, the devices can be unplugged all at once instead of one at a time. This makes everything extremely simple and ensures that the energy consumer has an easy and reliable way to unplug everything and save themselves a bit of money in the process (Facebook). You wouldn’t throw perfectly good money into a fire pit, would you? So why continue to feed the energy vampires?


Stream Energy is proud to provide energy customers everywhere with reliable and real-world solutions which can help them save money over time. They are known around the nation as a cutting-edge company which provides customers all around the country with energy solutions, whether those solutions come in the form of providing actual electricity or more retail-based solutions.


So when the energy bill blues are getting you down and making you hold your head in misery, don’t forget to check out Stream Energy (BusinessWire). They know how to take care of the consumer because they are run by consumers just like yourself.

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