The Revolution in How Men Are Dressing

Men are dressing better- they are concerned with how their shirts fit, and they are purchasing cool glasses. They are also matching the shoes with their belts, and joining “shave clubs”. With this said, there is no metro sexual, and the saying that normal men can’t dress well is no more, according to Mark Bollman, the founder of the retailer, Ball and Buck, located in Boston.

At one time, men were afraid of dressing well, but the Internet changed the shopping experience for men. There is no waiting, and no lines. According to the researcher, IBISWorld, there is more growth in menswear in e-commerce than any other category. Menswear sales have been around 16.7% annually for over five years now. Additionally, forecasts show that this will grow an additional 15% annually over the next five years.

The Internet made it possible, in that the traditional brick and mortars are not necessary for sales. This, in turn, lowers costs. Warby Parker is one of the first to take advantage of this trend for menswear. Others have followed, in selling a wider selection of products (a lot more than just glasses). Additionally, brands like Jack Erwin and Paul Evans are leading the e-commerce for men in high end shoes for a lower price. Even brands of suits, like Suit Supply and Indochino, offer a price range of $300 to $900. Prices can be even lower, such as $200, with better appearance than a JoS.

With Melwani being a third generation tailor of Versace, he grew up watching celebrities coming and going through the secret door of the Versace store in his Las Vegas hometown. After selling a jean company, Melwani wanted to use technology that would make it easier for men to dress. He told Business Insider that he likes the old saying, “keep it simple stupid”. It doesn’t have to cost much money to look great, unlike many people may think. The basics are all that’s needed in setting the wardrobe in the right direction. It could be a wonderful cotton blazer that coordinates with everything, a pair of desert boots, or a few pairs of tailed slacks, for instance. All it takes is to have simple, essential, and versatile pieces to dress smarter, according to Melwani.

Melwani’s company, Combat Gent, has men apparel that don’t cost a fortune because the company is vertically integrated, owning everything down to the sheep that provide the wool for suits. With his family connections, he can get the production of fabric from the same Italian mills that Versace used. Combat Gent also make a video introducing customers to the owner of the mills.

With the Paul Evans brands, it started in 2010, and it’s already becoming a popular, household name. This company is now known to be the most shipped men’s italian shoes packaging of Goldman Sachs. After being tired of the traditional retail experience, they decided to start their own company. They flew to Italy to know more about comfortable and stylish shoes that are made of the highest quality, so that they can be delivered right to the customer.

Paul Evans are mens’ shoes that are made from artisans from Naples, Italy. However, their shoes are not worth thousands of dollars. Their costs range are in the hundreds, without the compromising of quality.