Wengies Life Hacks Video

One of Wengies most popular uploads is her life hacks video in which she show viewers how to do everyday things quicker and easier. Some tips and tricks are meant to save time while others are great for saving some money.


One of the best tips in the video is an easier way to make food or dessert. Simply take a microwaveable mug and fill it with tasty wholesome ingredients like beans, cooked rice, cooked pasta and vegetables and microwave it until steamed and heated. It is a simple easy to make dish that is healthy and delicious. The best part about this tip is you can do it with a variety of different ingredients including dessert items such as chocolate and fruit as well as marshmallows.


Another great tip Wengie offers is to use a hair straightener to iron out small wriknles on your clothes. Simply heat the straightener as normal and carefully go over the wrinkled area a few times until it is smooth. This is perfect for those times where you may be running late and need a quick fix.


Wengie gives a variety of different tips throughout the video including a great one if you hate doing dishes. Take a clean plate and cover it with plastic cling wrap or even aluminum foil and add food to the plate. The plastic wrap or foil will keep the plate clean and clean up is a breeze.


With all of these great hacks and so many more it is easy to see why this is one of Wengies top viewed videos. Her sweet fun personality and abdunace of great tips is what keeps her viewers coming back for more and the exact reason why she has over 5 million amazing and loyal subscribers on her YouTube channel.