The Success of Honey Birdette

There thousands of lingerie brands trying to make a name for themselves. So what is one supposed to do when none of those brands fit that individual’s style? For Eloise Monaghan, the answer was starting a lingerie brand. In 2006, while having a class of wine with a friend, she decided to start Honey Birdette.
She set out to create a provocative lingerie and luxury bedroom accessories brand that embraced sensuality more than obscenity. Honey Birdette’s lingerie is carefully detailed to be flirty, playful, and unapologetically sensual. It’s one of the few affordable high-class luxury lingerie brands.
Everything about Honey Birdette is designed to lure customers into their Pleasure Parlor. The Honeys are there to encourage and empower women as well as entertain them. They are not afraid of going the extra mile to inspire women to explore their sexuality. Unlike other brands that shove their idealistic female sexuality down women’s throats, Honey Birdette cultivates every woman’s sexuality individually.
Honey Birdette has seen tremendous success since its launch. To Monaghan’s surprise, her brand has seen a lot of international success. Along with their stores in Australia, they are planning to open ten stores in the United Kingdom this year. By next year, they want to have 40 stores in the UK.

One of the biggest shocks comes from their US success. Since 2006, Honey Birdette has seen a 374 percent increase in US e-commerce sales. Following this success, Monaghan plans to begin opening retail stores in the US shortly after opening her remaining store in the UK.
To help drive sales in the US, Honey Birdette has begun extended its product range to suit the US consumer. Honey Birdette has 55 open stores and plans to reach 100 soon.

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Bruce Bent’s Career in the Money Market Fund Industry of the United States

A money market fund rewards the investor with interests from shares that maintain a net asset value of $1 each, such as the commercial paper or US treasury bills. This investment falls into the category of one of the safest due to its small risks. It is typically short term with high-quality securities, liquidibility, and budgetary tools. The best candidates for this stock are people looking for retirement plans with funding from the employers. They have regulations from Investment Company Act of 194 and are available through banks, mutual funds, repurchase agreements, short-term bonds and brokerage firms. The regulations require the money fund to purchase the highest rated debt which matures in less than 13 months. With the exception of repurchase agreements and government securities, the investment’s portfolio ought to have a weighted average maturity of 60 days maximum and have less than 5 percent of investments.

The first money market fund in the United States, Reserve Fund was set up by Bruce Bent and Henry B.R Brown in 1971. It allowed clients to save cash and earn a small interest return. Bruce Bent change the game for money market funds by enacting regulations that prospective entrepreneurs in the sector picked up. The industry has a current value of $3 trillion and serves tens of millions of clientele due to Bruce Bent’s measures. Reserve Fund earned recognition from Smithsonian Institution for its grand effect on the United States’ money market. Peter Lynch writes about Bruce and Henry in his book, “One Book Up on Wall Street” and cites that the two ought to receive honors with the enactment of a monument.

As stated on Wikipedia, he began his career on Wall Street working as a managing partner at LF Rothschild and Company. After two years, he joined TIAA-CREF. He set up Brown & Bent in 1968 in partnership with Brown. The firm launched Reserve Fund in 1970 to offer clients with a dollar for every dollar they deposited in its account. Reserve Fund managed to garner an impressive number of customers without advertisements or a sales team. After Brown left the firm in 1985, Bruce bought his shares in 1999 and assigned part of the managerial roles to his sons.

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Wengies Life Hacks Video

One of Wengies most popular uploads is her life hacks video in which she show viewers how to do everyday things quicker and easier. Some tips and tricks are meant to save time while others are great for saving some money.


One of the best tips in the video is an easier way to make food or dessert. Simply take a microwaveable mug and fill it with tasty wholesome ingredients like beans, cooked rice, cooked pasta and vegetables and microwave it until steamed and heated. It is a simple easy to make dish that is healthy and delicious. The best part about this tip is you can do it with a variety of different ingredients including dessert items such as chocolate and fruit as well as marshmallows.


Another great tip Wengie offers is to use a hair straightener to iron out small wriknles on your clothes. Simply heat the straightener as normal and carefully go over the wrinkled area a few times until it is smooth. This is perfect for those times where you may be running late and need a quick fix.


Wengie gives a variety of different tips throughout the video including a great one if you hate doing dishes. Take a clean plate and cover it with plastic cling wrap or even aluminum foil and add food to the plate. The plastic wrap or foil will keep the plate clean and clean up is a breeze.


With all of these great hacks and so many more it is easy to see why this is one of Wengies top viewed videos. Her sweet fun personality and abdunace of great tips is what keeps her viewers coming back for more and the exact reason why she has over 5 million amazing and loyal subscribers on her YouTube channel.