The United Kingdom’s Leading Wine Vintners and Merchants

The Vintner is a wine processing and distribution company based in the United Kingdom. Their services are geared with a vision to end the confusion of wine among wine buyers by easing selection of wines. They achieve this by hosting wine tasting events.

They set up walk around, producer and master class events regularly. The Masterclass events which they schedule in their customized calendar, the blue calendar, are attended by any interested person whereas the Producer events of the red calendar, are for the select few, the Vault Club members and trade clients.

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The Vault Club is a free membership club that gives a loyal customer access to exclusive offers and discounts. A member is required to have a minimum of £50 monthly and make a regular payment into the vault account. The accumulated amount buys wines for the member with time. The Vintner ( will soon launch an online application platform for the Vault Club.

Vintner seeks to operate in an integral and quality methodology to satisfy their customers. One loyal customer states that the customer service at Vintner is fast and reliable at any time of day. Vintner wine is bought online at any hour and has a delivery service that is offered in two packages:The cellar management package which offers advice on which wines to stock and the monthly or bi-monthly delivery package which delivers a surprise packaging of selected wines to the preferred location.

Another vintner company is The Merchant Vintners Company, which is UK’s biggest wine buying company, offering avenues for independently owned family businesses to grow in a market dominated by mightier wine companies. The 1965 company has twenty equal shareholders.

Members have access to exclusive products and £2 million in stock, allowing them to increase their stock of the wines available through the membership.

The business strategy allows members of different stock levels, such as large enterprises and start-up family businesses, to share ideas equally and increase competition.

The requirement for joining the membership is to have market experience of at least four years with a turnover of more than £¾ million to display a commitment to the business club. The prospective shareholder should have an impressive record of buying ability and overall growth in their wine business. This qualification ensures maintenance of the enthusiasm of the progressive company. Existing members of the Vintner company have a controlled implementation of their future expansion, ensuring that new members enjoy the same equal territories.