George Soros Returns to the Political Scene with Major Contribution to Democrats

George Soros has amassed a fortune over the course of his lifetime. He has also become one of the most talked about figures in recent political news. This is understandable, as Soros recently re-emerged during the build up to the most recent election season. He is no stranger to contributing to political candidates and causes on, but he had been keeping somewhat of a lower profile in recent years. This year, however, Mr. Soros has committed more than $25 million and other Democrat candidates and/or causes.

Back when George W. Bush was running for reelection in 2004, Soros gave about $27 million to try to prevent Bush from becoming president again. After that, he did not make headlines for his smaller contributions to party candidates. There are some who work closely with Soros Fund Management who believe that Soros will wind up giving even more to Clinton and other candidates as we get closer and closer to Election Day.

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Soros was born in Hungary and is worth about $25 billion, according to the organizations that keep track of those sorts of statistics. His return to the political scene as a major financial backer of Democratic candidates. His recent return is something that people who support the party are likely to see as a positive thing. George Soros has been someone who consistently donates money to causes near and dear to the Democratic causes. This election is already proving to be interesting, so Clinton supporters have to be happy that Soros is making such a sizable donation.

Mr. Soros apparently feels that Clinton’s opponent, the infamous Donald Trump, is worth fighting against and he is more than willing to put up plenty of his own funds in order to prevent Trump from winning the election. The drama surrounding the upcoming presidential elections have not even reached a fevered pitch yet. Democrats are surely hoping that Clinton and other candidates are able to use the generous donations from Soros to come out on top when the dust settles in November.

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