The Creativity of Lori Senecal in Business

Lori Senecal is a top member of Bogusky marketing agency and Crispin Porter, she has been serving at the companies since 2015 as their international chief executive officer. He is well-known to induce good leadership skills in taking companies to better productive organizations. Brought up in Canada, Senecal went to the University of McGill and attained her degree in sales and marketing. Some of her great skills include; data analysis, integrated marketing, handling financial records such as foreign accounts and designing brands. She is the best in what she does.

She landed jobs in a number of organizations and was a global accountant director at the brand; Coca-Cola. She also had the opportunity to work with DDB Worldwide Communications Group Inc in the year 2009. She first served as the marketing officer and after sometime promoted to be in charge of all sales and marketing division. Nevertheless, Senecal was hired by McCann Ericson Worldwide that is part of Mcann Worldwide Inc to serve as the assistant director of TAG-New York. She previously thought of this and started it in 2003. The organization then promoted her to be, the vice president of the executive as well as the account management director.

According to GCReport, in the year 2009, she became the president of Kirshenbaum Bond and Partners. She was very good at her job thus taking the firm to an international level as well as taking the number of employees higher from 250 to 900. She highly contributed to the success f the company which included being part of the Advertising Agencies for three years. In the year 2014 Lori Senecal got into MDC Partners as the chief executive officer and director and later on joined CP&B. She boosted MDC by initiating strategic arrangements and enhancing working models. For more details visit Adweek to know more.

At CP&B, Senecal takes care of the expansion and coordination of the company. Lori has made the culture of the company better and by doing so it is now a modern company with more partnerships. Moreover, the entrepreneurship skills of the firm have also increased. She also holds motivational seminars. Lori Senecal is a creative individual who uses her skills to develop companies and as a result, she has been awarded occasionally for her creative skills.

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How Lori Senecal Succeeds In The Advertising Industry

Lori Senecal has developed a reputation in the advertising industry as someone that creates novel advertising techniques that capture consumer’s attention. She is also an expert in solving business challenges by employing technological solutions. Her skills led to her being named the Global CEO of the advertising firm Crispin Porter & Bogusky (CP+B) which is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado. She has also been a Global Executive Chairman at another highly respected agency, Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal (KBS).

After earning her bachelor’s degree at McGill University, Lore was a President at McCann Erickson and developed ad campaigns for global brands like Coca-Cola, Microsoft’s Xbox, Boar’s Head, American Express, and BMW among others. She is known for her creative talent and ability to create unique styles in her advertising campaigns as well as being a motivating presence.

Lori has credited her time in high school to her success in business. She was a gymnast but because she didn’t have the right height for this sport she became a coach instead. She continued to coach gymnastics throughout her time in high school and college. It was through coaching that she says she developed her leadership skills by working to bring out the best in her team, setting goals, making a consistent effort, and helping her communication skills.

One of the advertising trends that is most exciting to Lori Senecal is the shift to brand actions from brand messaging. She says that brands used to tell consumer their message. Nowadays, brands are taking more of a “deeds not words” approach which she says is resulting in the brand’s behaviors changing the overall culture. She says that if companies give consumers a reason to believe in the brand’s mission than they are much more successful than just coming up with a slogan.

Before working with a new brand, Lori endeavors to learn everything about the company that she can. She finds that if she knows all about both the company’s internal and external structure she can create a unique marketing campaign that truly touches on what the company is all about.

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