Thor Halvorssen Seeks Success With Many Human Rights Events

There are many different ways the Venezuelan human rights activist Thor Halvorssen has sought out to raise awareness of the problems facing different communities around the world that include the establishment and curation of major events across the planet. Halvorssen is always looking for ways to make the most of his own position as a Hollywood film producer and human rights activist who has become the face of a global rise in the number of human rights groups working around the world.

The major achievement in the life of Thor Halvorssen so far is the establishment of the Oslo Freedom Forum, an event that takes place annually and allows activists, journalists, and those with an interest in human rights to come together and form partnerships as they discover more about the changes taking place around the world. Thor Halvorssen is seeking to use his own funding and that from a range of outside groups to promote this event that has become the most important on the calendar for human rights activists from around the world; not only does Thor promote causes for individuals to learn more about but he uploads the speeches given by each attendee to the Oslo Freedom Forum to the Internet to promote the chance to learn more about the abuses taking place around the world.

Thor Halvorssen pays little interest to the political agenda of the governments of the world and has been known to go against the traditional view of the majority of his fellow human rights activists. Halvorssen has remained a strong critic of a number of global leaders and his role as a well known activist allows him the ability to criticize governments and figures in Venezuela and Cuba who are often allowed free reign to abuse human rights because of their socialist ideology; this view of the global governments may place Thor Halvorssen at odds with many of his fellow activists, yet Thor remains firm in his convictions that politics should play no part in the protection of human rights.


Providing Excellent Services With Tony Petrello

Tony Petrello attained a B.S and also an M.S degree at Yale University in mathematics as well as J.D degree at the Harvard Law School. He became the Executive Committee at Nabors and also Board of Directors in the company in the year 1991.

He was the chief operating officer and president of the organization since 1991 to October 2011 and from there he was the chief executive officer and the president of the company. His role in the company is to control the strategic development invention and directing the company in order advance in improving.

Tony Petrello started working at McKenzie and Baker law firm since 1979 to 1991 before he joined Nabors. He was positioned in New York law offices whereby he was the managing director. With his law expertise as an advocate for clinical services and inquiry, he assisted children who are diagnosed with a neurological sickness. He is part of the board of members of Trustees at Texas Children’s Hospital. Through these he has accomplished a lot and the community recognizing him to among the greatest philanthropist.


Tony Petrello’s financial returns in 2015 report are; the full sum he compensated was a total of $27,512,939 million. Apart from this, his income was a total of $1,580,077, the sum he attained as a bonus was $7,727,000, the amount of cash he was given to him of stock was $16,863,656 and the final amount of the compensation adds up to $1,342,206.

Nabors Industries is one of the leading companies in the United States for delivering drilling rigs. It mainly delivers the largest land-based drilling equipment in the world. The organization also offers oil and gas companies creative technologies in steering drilling facilities and exhibition equipment. The services which they provide they are well adjusted to work worldwide therefore their services are accessible. Their expertise put too much effort in order to provide their customer’s good services.

Madison Street Capital Arranges Minority Recapitalization for ARES Security Corporation

Madison Street Capital is one of the most prominent companies in the service of investment banking. As a matter of fact, the company was voted to become a leading investment banking company the United States. When the enterprise was incepted in the United States, it worked to become an investment banking firm devoted to engage in better business management. Its headquarters is in Chicago, Illinois. Because its services were unparalleled in the industry, it grew to cover most parts of the world. Moreover, it developed offices in all continents of the world including African and Europe. For this reason, it is now becoming one of the most experienced providers of comprehensive financial advice. For this reason, you will never be bored with their services at any time.


Madison Street Capital has also developed strategic moves to expand their services through innovation and capability. Or the company, they are always delighted with meeting and exceeding the expectations of their clients. For this reason, their adoption is now growing on a massive scale. As a matter of fact, Madison Street Capital has more offices in the world that it is in the United States. While the country is one of the richest entities in the world, no one has a better understanding of this workability than Madison Street Capital. Therefore, you will have to consider their services for all entities developed in this manner.


Madison Street Capital worked as one of the most chosen investment banking company with the Ares Security company based in Vienna. For this reason, Madison Street Capital has been selected to conduct a special transaction on behalf of Ares Security Company. While the company trusted Madison Street Capital with their comprehensive financial advisory services, they developed an ability that can never be depicted in the industry. Ares Security Company is a US-based firm dealing in the development of security software for companies. During this instance when they were conducting business with Madison Street Capital reputation, they wanted to expand their offices to cover major parts of the country and develop better business management capabilities. For this reason, the chose their services over all other investment banking companies in the world.


Charles Bosch, the Chief Executive Officer and President of Madison Street Capital, was the person who announced the commencement of the transaction where Corbel Equity Company was to issue more than $3 million as investment funds to Ares Security Company. For this reason, Reginald of Madison Street Capital was the person in charge of overseeing the completion of the transaction. Because Madison Street Capital is always working ahead of time, the company will never end in worse conditions. As a matter of fact, no one has better business management than Madison Street Capital. They were chosen, over the rest.

Fashion and Technology Working As Partners

The hi-tech industry and the fashion industry has gone through various changes. Even with numerous changes both industries continue to blossom and expand. The technology industry has shown collaboration with fashion is possible. The journey both these industries have taken through the years together is fascinating. Looking at the past and present of these industries is the key to understanding the amazing journey.


During the 70’s a boom box provided you with tunes. In the 80’s movies began providing substance and in depth story lines. The 90’s provided a Walkman for personal music experience. Then moving forward the iPod was born. This provided individuals with a personal experience of music and having something smaller to carry around. Technology continues to keep up with the constant change of fashion.


Designers in fashion began to expand and consider the possibility with technology. Designers began to see the creativity and functionality that technology could provide. Anouk Wipprecht had put out the thought that fashion and technology can provide the mind with a playground that provides endless possibilities. With the use of technology by its side fashion has also been able to protect us. For instance an airbag for cyclist has been created that is fashionably worn around the neck but protects impact of the head. Fashionable Frontline gloves provide a great amount of protection for Firefighters. Through hand gestures made with these gloves firefighters are able to relay important information. Prototypes that combine technology and fashion are being explored. Fashion and technology have the ability to come together to create great innovation.


Christopher Burch is Founder as well as CEO of Burch Creative Capital. He is an impressive investor of several businesses. He is a co-founder for a fashion brand. Christopher Burch has great determination towards branding. He has a smart and profound sense of advertising that has contributed to success in industries such as apparel, economic services, technology, and consumer merchandise.


Christopher Burch has contributed to the rising of more than fifty corporations. He has established a great track record of success. He contributes towards donations. He has given funding for research done at Mt. Sinai Hospital. He has made contributions to The Sumba Foundation and The Child Welfare of League of China. Christopher Burch continues to impress many in his field of expertise.


In conclusion, fashion and technology have traveled a long way together and continue to inspire.

How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Succeed in Life and Business

Josh Verne is a famous business entity in the United States. According to him, business is what makes people get better in life. For this reason, a successful person must adopt the character of a good business person to become a better entity in this world. For over 20 years of professional experience as a serial entrepreneur and businessman, Josh Verne has worked to found and sell more than 20 companies, he has founded and natured the companies to grow and become multi-lateral corporations. Josh Verne is also the CEO and Founder of This is a company that has a presence of more than 5 million people. For this reason, it forms a better platform for companies and brands to advertise their services and products. As a matter of fact, no one has better business than those who have a high-end innovation capability in this industry.


According to Josh Verne, those who have a better business mind must strive to have a vision in their lives. For you to have a vision, you must also be wise you should possess the character of a winning person. Life and success are two different things that must be joined.


  1. Listen more, speak less

This is one of the most profound points. An average person has two ears and one mouth. For this reason, they must use their ears and mouths with the same proportion. In the end, business is determined through an entity that works to get better results in a manner that is unparalleled in the industry.


Taking the Fashion Trend to the Digital Market Platform

Design is fundamental requirement when coming up with a high quality clothe that would attract masses. This has been the sole responsibility of Kate Hudson who has been at the center of transforming Fabletics into an international brand at She is a fashion entrepreneur who has scaled the heights in developing and coming up with an activewear that has attracted celebrities and VIP across the world. She has specialized in designing yoga pants that have received much demand due to competitive prizes as compared to other firms that have proved to be expensive on As a result, Kate Hudson has been running the subsidiary company that has led to increased income estimated to be over $1billion since its inception.

In addition, the company has over 1000 professional employee that have contributed positively in the advancement of the brand. The mother company TechStyle did benefit a lot from the establishment of Fabletics which saw its income go up three times. This was witnessed in the second year of establishing the subsidiary clothing company on Crunchbase. Fabletics has diversified ways of maintaining its market segmentation and customers by finding the best affordable and well-designed activewear for its clients. They have introduced some key notable areas that they use to ensure that the clients are always aware of the latest brands in the market.

In the recent times, they have introduced t-shirts and jeans that have received publicity across many digital platforms. The company ensure the ware is designed and produced with the first 8 weeks. This has resulted in reduced demand while ensuring constant supply of clothes. Don Ressler design the clothes which always gives the clients especially the VUIP members the recent to always come back to buy more.

Don Ressler is a co-founder and chief executive officer of Fabletics. Don Ressler has termed the establishment of this company as a cutting edge technology in the design on yoga pants and activewear. The company was established in 2013 and has been producing brands that have complemented the sportswear that has attracted huge number of VIP clients. Fabletics is a leading brand in the JutFab which is an online brand that has been receiving a lot of coverage in the recent years.

Securus Receives Accreditation from Better Business Bureau

Securus Technologies is a leader in the provision of criminal and civil justice solutions in the United States. When the company was intercepted, it became one of the most prominent ways of developing fast working capital. As a matter of fact, Securus Technologies has devised means of acquiring fast money in a better technological move. For this reason, you get better business through the issuance of fast working capital. The company has also used technology to improve its business in a better move to ensure market advantage is prominent. For you to be incorporated in public safety, you must see t it that technology is paramount.


Securus Technologies has announced that it has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau based in Dallas. Since the company was incepted in the United Sates, this is one of the greatest achievements t has made to enhance its business through management capabilities. For this reason, it will remain a better position to coordinate business in a manner that has not yet been established in this industry. Securus Technologies always strives to reach and exceed the expectations of their clients in business and technology. For this reason, the Dallas-based Better Business Bureau recognized their efforts and gave the highest accreditation in the land.


An A+ rating for Securus Technologies has been all they seek ever since they started an accreditation process with the Better Business Bureau. For the company to reach the highest certification, the Better Business Bureau worked with them and determined that hey adhered to whatever they said and printed in the print and social media. For this reason, Securus Technologies is one of the most trusted companies serving the inmate family in the United States. As a matter of fact, they have worked with other companies to issue most of their business pleasures to enhance and promote unity in the industry.

Selecting An Online Reputation Management Firm

Are you worried about how you are presented to Internet users? Want to take control of your online reputation and present yourself or your company in a positive light? Reliable online reputation management system can help you accomplish that.

Online reputation management is a complex procedure, so it is advisable to invest the time to find an online reputation management company that can render exceptional service and produce the desired results. Keep in mind that not all online reputation management firms provide the same level quality of service, so in order to acquire the most effective feasible result for your organization, the firm you choose needs to have the top quality resources and vast experience in providing superior service.

When it comes to reputation management on the internet, internet search engine’s first page is necessary. Internet users and potential customers judge brands based upon what search engine’s outcomes present about them.

Actually, numerous consumers use information they acquire from an online search engine results to choose whether to do business with a company or not.

It is, therefore, essential for every organization or company to have an online reputation management approach that highlights its strengths and makes it look good on search engine’s first page.

The ability to create as well as publish content is essential. While SEO is a major aspect of online reputation management, this technique could not work on its own, reveals It needs quality content in order to help you achieve good ranking position in internet search engine results and also enhance your online credibility.

Along with having a great understanding of search engine optimization strategies, an excellent online reputation management business will also excel at content monitoring and digital publishing. Regardless of whether your company requires reliable web pages or high-quality blogs, an established online reputation management firm will certainly have a great knowledge of how you can develop unique, top quality web content that will show the excellent features of your company.

Having a team of highly skilled reputation management professionals in your corner is a a great way to ensure you are being protected from threats.


USHEALTH Group, Inc. Providing Healthcare Insurance Needs

One of the leading healthcare providers is USHEALTH Group, Inc. this is an insurance holding company that is located in Ft. Worth, Texas and whose purpose is offering new and innovative healthcare insurance coverage plans. Their products are targeted for the specific individual such as self-employed and owners of small business enterprises. The main aim of the USHEALTH is to merge the skills of its employees and agents in marketing profitable and competitive products, at the same time provide higher customer services in each aspect of the company’s procedures. There two companies that make up USHEALTH Group, they include the Freedom Life Insurance Company of America as well as the National Foundation Life Insurance Company. The company has one mission to become the best healthcare provider in America.

Because of providing their customer superior services the USHEALTH Group, Inc. was awarded the prestigious the One Planet Awards, this award was for the company of the year award under the category of Accounting, insurance, banking as well as financial. Companies all over the world participate in the coveted One Planet Award that honor global brands honoring business as well as professional excellence in each industry from the industries around the globe.

The award is a true illustration of the superior product that the USHEALTH Group offers. The company is dedicated to solving the healthcare problem by offering affordable solutions for their customers that grow as the healthcare needs grow. The company has experienced unanticipated success, progress, and profitability through selling its variety of products in a highly feasible individual health insurance cover market.

There are several diseases and accident coverage that the USHEALTH Group offers, for instance, the accident and sickness coverage. The company knows that each customer who comes to them needs a different product from the customer who came before. They empower their customers to make choice of the product that would prefer from the company’s products category. They promote the customer choice. The company has placed itself in a unique position to address each customer needs which are flexible.

Since there are customers who are concerned with the limited financial capacity they tailor make their products to meet the need of the customer through offering products that enable the customer to receive benefits for the covered services and discounts. These options are more affordable compared to the comprehensive plans, one main advantage is that they provide the first dollar protection.

Despite the choice of the customer on health coverage plan. The company assist improves the customer protection with another line of supportive products that includes consists of critical illness, disease, income protection amongst others. Through the provision of revolutionary healthcare products, the company has been able to emerge top in the industry that is known for high customer turnover and expensive products.




The Sunny Plumber Setting the Bar High for Other Companies in the Plumbing Industry

The Sunny Plumber is a leading plumbing company based in Tucson, Arizona. It was established in 2013 by Kenneth D. Goodrich, who now serves as the president of the company. The Sunny Plumber was born out of Rescue Rooter, a company based in Phoenix. Kenneth bought the company and renamed it The Sunny Plumber. Mr. Goodrich has a lot of experience running businesses and this began at a tender age when he was under his father’s mentorship at his HVAC business. The Sunny Plumber has grown tremendously under his leadership and now has more than 100 trucks serving Phoenix, Las Vegas, California and Tucson, AZ.

Excellent staff and service

Although The Sunny Plumber is mainly a plumbing company, it also provides excellent HVAC services to both homes and business. Some of their areas of expertise include leak detection, drain cleaning, water heater repair and HVAC installation and repair among others. They provide high-quality, efficient service to their clients and always strive to exceed their expectations. They also provide emergency plumbing and HVAC services.

The Sunny Plumber has a team of 142 staff members who are all experts at their jobs. They are courteous and will always put the client’s needs first. Their hours are flexible and convenient even for those with busy work schedules. The company has incorporated technology into most of its operations to improve the customer experience and make processes like scheduling of services faster and more efficient. Their customers are greatly impressed with their services as is evident from their excellent reviews of the company. It gets a lot of business from return customers, referrals and recommendations—in fact, this is why the company is performing so well.


The Sunny Plumber continues to improve its operations and provide even better services under the stewardship of Mr. Goodrich. Customer satisfaction is their number one priority and they always strive to exceed their expectations. It has really transformed the plumbing industry and redefined the standards of excellence for other players in the industry. Visit the website and Facebook page for more information.