The Driving Force at AXA Advisors

Successful business entities require dedicated leadership, mentorship of young professionals, customer centered operations, and market oriented products, a workable strategy and a business plan. At AXA Advisors, Vincent Parascandola has been instrumental in the realization of the company’s objectives. AXA Group is a respectable financial company that specialize on wealth management and financial protection services.

Vincent is an alumnus of Xaverian High School class of 1979, and he later joined the Pace University- Lubin School of Business in the Greater New York City Area and graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) in 1983. His career began as a systems analyst at Irving Trust Company in 1986, and two years later he joined Prudential Insurance as an agent where he received the National Rookie of the Year award. In 1990 he joined The MONY Group as a financial professional, and within a span of 15 years, he rose through the ranks in different managerial positions starting from the sales manager, managing director and finally field vice president of the group.

Vincent left The MONY Group and in May 2005 he joined AXA Equitable as the executive vice president and later he was appointed as the president of the Advantage Group and president of the Northern Division of AXA Equitable. Through his committed and excellent performance, he was appointed as the president, Continental Division of AXA Equitable where he was in charge of branch offices in California, Hawii and the Northeast part of the country.

Three years later he became the chief sales officer and president – Continental Division of AXA Equitable and in October 2004 he became the senior vice executive president of the same company where he currently works. His responsibilities include; recruiting and training new advisors of the firm, growth and development of over 255 financial professionals in New Jersey.

Vincent Parascandola has over 25 years ‘of experience in the financial sector and he is the driving force behind the tremendous performance of the firm. Under his leadership at AXA Advisors, the retail’s division of AXA Group, it has expanded its branches to about 43 branches around the country and he has contributed immensely tothe Group’s non-banking assets valued at $1.5 trillion.

OSI Group Promises Full Commitment To Sustainability Standards After Release Of Their Global Sustainability Report

OSI Group released its Global sustainability report for year 2016/2017 whereby it outlines the sustainability performance of the company’s operations across the world. Some of the things detailed in this report include the progress that the company has made in its most prioritized areas that concern the environment, social responsibility and a sustainable supply chain. Sustainable supply chain gives emphasis to food safety and quality as well as strict standards on animal welfare. Here are some of the high points that are included in the report:

• OSI Food Solutions facilities that are located in Europe attained their ISO14001 certification. This is a great achievement for the company because this certification is among the top most authoritative standards for environmental management in the world.

• OSI North America donated over 252,000 lbs of food to Feeding America from their amenities in the year 2015 so as to sustain the food banks provided by the network. Within the same year, GenOSI also donated over 55,000 lbs. of food in the Philippines to assist in feeding the homeless children in the country.

• OSI Group also sponsors animal welfare campaigns, training sessions, and workshops as part of their continuous support and commitment towards improving and creating awareness of important issues in global supplier networks and organizations.

David G. McDonald said that the group would hold their commitment to conduct business more sustainability and responsibly. David serves OSI Group as the President and Chief Operating Officer, and he assured consumers that they would continue to progress their responsible business practices. He added that they are doing this to ensure that they achieve operational efficiencies that enhance the lives of employees, sustain environmental resources and build their global communities. David McDonald says that as a company they are proud to have achieved all that, and they are enthusiastic to share the sustainability report to prove their actions.

OSI’s 2016/17 sustainability report summarizes their future initiatives to attain sustainability objectives among other generalized goals. The company has outlined several goals that they wish to achieve by the year 2020, and these include reducing energy and water intensity by 10 percent.

Customized Financial Services Provider Based in Texas

Nexbank’s CEO and President, John Holt, recently attended the Texas Bankers Associations 5th annual conference held in New Orleans, Louisiana. John Holt was invited to be one of the panelists and in the banker panel discussion that followed, John Holt was asked to speak on the reinvention of community banking and how the competitors in the field of banking can take the lead by using innovation as a tool.

The Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference is held every year and is attended by the noted dignitaries from the world of banking and finance. Many reputed consultants, advisors, and bankers attend this summit. The conference is not only useful in bringing together personalities to discuss on various issues that infect the bank and finance industry, but also provide the panelists and members to network on a positive note. It helps in providing the perfect platform for gaining new accounts and for merger and acquisition.

Nexbank is one of the oldest banks in Texas and also the thirteenth largest in the state. Nationally, the rank of the bank stands tall at 200. The bank operates through its three primary segments, including the commercial banking, mortgage banking, and institutional services. The company offers personalized services to its clients, and the customized nature of the services helps in ensuring that the customers are satisfied.

Nexbank is also the member of FDIC. The Nexbank has grown exponentially over the years and having started with just four employees, today the bank has close to 90 employees working for the bank. The bank has a total of 4 branches in the state of Texas and offers real estate investors and financial institutions with a broad range of financial services. The bank continues to add new services to its service portfolio in its aim to become a comprehensive service provider in the banking industry.

Brad Reifler Chief Executive Officer of Forefront Capital

Brad Reifler is the Chief Executive Officer of Forefront Capital. The firm was previously focused on helping the wealthy people of Wall Street continue making money, but now it has transformed its focus to the 99% of the American people.

The aim of the company is to ensure that it offers the same platform to the majority of individuals who are mainly the middle-class Americans and ensure they have the same investment opportunity as the minority. According to Reifler, small investors face three major problems fees, access investment, and stock market risk.

Reifler explains that the Wall Street firms charge hefty management fees without putting in mind the portfolio of the performance. Thus, the brokers are making money regardless of the success of the clients. This, Reifler terms as wrong.

The other issue is the access to investment which in the past the investors who were non-accredited were limited to the type of investment that they were permitted to venture into. The stock market risks come about since there is limited investment option to the investors that are non-accredited. Thus most of the investments done by the non-accredited investor is correlated to the stock market.

According to Crunchbase, Brad Reifler and his company are determined to bring back power to the small investors. Forefront Capital does not charge any management fees and is designed in a way that all the investment is non-correlated.

The reason for doing this is to warrant that the Middle America gets access to these type of investment opportunity which will allow them to be able to save smartly for the future.

About Brad Reifler

Brad Reifler is a partner at the CIFCO International Group and also the founder of Forefront Advisory. He also serves as the CEO at the Forefront Capital Market Management, LLC, since the year 2009. Before then, he founded and served as a Senior Managing Director at the Pali Capital ink from1995. He founded Reifler Capital in 1992.

He also worked at the Refco Inc. Institutional Sales Desk where he was in charge of sales and execution of the global derivatives. He was also responsible for the foreign exchange and the creation of investment programs that were custom made for institutions and clients that were high net worth. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

He serves as a director in many companies like the ITF investment research, ROOT exchange, Symmetry properties, and Roots Market. He studies at Bowdoin College where he got his bachelor’s degree.

Benefits of George Street Photo and Video, NYC

George Street Photo and Video Address Locations, NYC is well known for their professional support in weddings, through this, you are always sure of attaining quality photos and videos of the entire ceremony. Apart from the wedding, you will also be able to attain coverage for the engagement and also the after party, meaning that everything that gets to happen during the eve of the wedding is always captured in photos and videos.

A reason as to why you need to consider a wedding photographer company like George Street is their equipment knowledge. You need a professional who knows their way around a camera, meaning that they know of the best means of capturing a moment without looking like an amateur. With such a company, you are assured that everything will be well organized, and you get all you would need. Eventually, you can attain style within your wedding since the photographers know of the best means of making the ceremony look lovely.

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Equities First Holdings Realigns its Operations in Australia by Relocating its Melbourne Office

Equities First Holdings LLC (EFH) has successfully established itself in three of Australia’s big cities of Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth. The firm operates in the country as Equities First Holdings (Australia) Pty Ltd under the leadership of the managing director Mitchell Hopwood. As a way of realigning and smoothening its operations in the country, the firm relocated its offices in Melbourne in November last year. The offices that were previously not easily accessed by clients was moved to Level 2, 287 Collins Street. Since then, the office’ telephone number changed to +61 3 8688 7191.

What the Relocation Implies

Being a global lending firm, EFH leads from the front in ensuring that its clients get the best services across the globe. It was the pioneer in the provision of shareholder financing and stock-based loans. EFH do not restrict its customers on how to spend these types of loans, which enables them to make investments they deem fit. This has endeared the company to the people, making it command such a vast clientele.

Now with its new office location in Melbourne, the company confirmed its commitment towards satisfying all of its clients’ financial as well as convenience needs. This commitment was emphasized by Mitchell Hopwood who said that the new Equities First Holdings offices would be able to accommodate all customers. He added that the offices had a big enough space for future expansion, noting that the firm was growing impressively well.

Other Offices

Besides the three offices in Australia, EFH operates offices in Asian countries, such as Hong Kong, Singapore, and Thailand. In Europe, it has offices in Switzerland and UK. Its offices in the United States are in Indianapolis, and they serve as its headquarters.

More about EFH

Equities First Holdings was launched 15 years ago in the United States, before expanding to the other countries. To this end, the company has completed 700 financial transactions, all estimated to be worth over $1.4 billion.

Mike Baur’s Swiss Startup Factory Is Successfully Nurturing Switzerland’s Young Technopreneurs

The Co-founder of the Swiss Startup Factory, SSUF, Mike Baur is beginning to receive recognition among Switzerland’s startup companies. He left his successful career in the banking industry to start his business. As a banker, Mike proved to be an effective leader and had risen to become part of the executive board members of some of the largest private banks in Switzerland Sallfort and Clariden. However, he told Jean-Pierre Vuilleumier of Founder Stories that he found working as a banker monotonous. Therefore, when he found a chance to do something different, he quit.


In 2014, Mike Baur co-founded Swiss Startup Factory based in Zurich to identify, support and mentor young digital entrepreneurs. It runs regular ninety days long accelerator programs for budding technopreneurs. The program provides mentoring and coaching in the major areas of entrepreneurship such as finance, investor networks, and entrepreneurial network. Besides, the innovators get the chance to prove they can develop a marketable idea and sell it to potential investors.


Mike Baur’s accelerator program has given promising digital technology companies the opportunity to create competitive, innovative solutions that can survive in the global market. SSUF offers an incubation center for the young entrepreneurs who wish to reach the world with their innovations. At the accelerator program, they not only learn to build their product but also get the opportunity to network with other experts and innovators.


Mike Baur’s choice of investment after leaving his banking career was motivated by his love to help the youth. He had noticed that the young generation did not realize just how hard it is to be successful in business. He founded Swiss startup factory to offer a platform for these young citizens to learn to strive for success and develop a good work ethic. He hopes that through the accelerator programs more young companies will become successful. Already, the program has seen glimpses of success.


Aveneo is one of the startup companies Mike Baur and his team are currently incubating. The company is using advanced technology to develop an automated accounting system for small scale businesses. Baur is also supporting the development of a virtual reality experience for social platforms by a company called WeaVR. The innovative technology will enable the sharing of stories using VR media, photos and videos. He plans to invest in the financial technology industry where he can bring both his financial experience and digital technology skills to the global market.



The Success of Honey Birdette

There thousands of lingerie brands trying to make a name for themselves. So what is one supposed to do when none of those brands fit that individual’s style? For Eloise Monaghan, the answer was starting a lingerie brand. In 2006, while having a class of wine with a friend, she decided to start Honey Birdette.
She set out to create a provocative lingerie and luxury bedroom accessories brand that embraced sensuality more than obscenity. Honey Birdette’s lingerie is carefully detailed to be flirty, playful, and unapologetically sensual. It’s one of the few affordable high-class luxury lingerie brands.
Everything about Honey Birdette is designed to lure customers into their Pleasure Parlor. The Honeys are there to encourage and empower women as well as entertain them. They are not afraid of going the extra mile to inspire women to explore their sexuality. Unlike other brands that shove their idealistic female sexuality down women’s throats, Honey Birdette cultivates every woman’s sexuality individually.
Honey Birdette has seen tremendous success since its launch. To Monaghan’s surprise, her brand has seen a lot of international success. Along with their stores in Australia, they are planning to open ten stores in the United Kingdom this year. By next year, they want to have 40 stores in the UK.

One of the biggest shocks comes from their US success. Since 2006, Honey Birdette has seen a 374 percent increase in US e-commerce sales. Following this success, Monaghan plans to begin opening retail stores in the US shortly after opening her remaining store in the UK.
To help drive sales in the US, Honey Birdette has begun extended its product range to suit the US consumer. Honey Birdette has 55 open stores and plans to reach 100 soon.

For more information on Honey Birdette follow them on Facebook.

Bruce Bent II’s Career in Financial Industry of the United States

A money market fund rewards the investor with interests from shares that maintain a net asset value of $1 each, such as the commercial paper or US treasury bills. This investment falls into the category of one of the safest due to its small risks. It is typically short term with high-quality securities, liquidibility, and budgetary tools. The best candidates for this stock are people looking for retirement plans with funding from the employers. They have regulations from Investment Company Act of 194 and are available through banks, mutual funds, repurchase agreements, short-term bonds and brokerage firms. The regulations require the money fund to purchase the highest rated debt which matures in less than 13 months. With the exception of repurchase agreements and government securities, the investment’s portfolio ought to have a weighted average maturity of 60 days maximum and have less than 5 percent of investments.

The first money market fund in the United States, was set up in 1971. It allowed clients to save cash and earn a small interest return. It change the game for financial investing every where by enacting regulations that prospective entrepreneurs in the sector picked up. The industry has a current value of $3 trillion and serves tens of millions of clientelee Reserve Fund earned recognition from Smithsonian Institution for its grand effect on the United States’ money market.

Bruce Bent II is a financial expert that understands  money market funds quite well. Ironically, his father was the founder of the very first money makret fund. Bruce Bent II grew up learning about the financial world hands on. He attended Northeastern University where he recieved his Bachelor’s degree. Shortly after, he started his career in finances. He has played a key role in helping many financial institutions with cash-related solutions including banks, broke-dealers and retail marketers. Currently he is the Vice Chairman and President of Double Rock Corporation where he continues to have a strong impact on the financial industry.

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Richard Blair And His Financial Adventures Through Wealth Solutions, Inc.

Richard Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions, Inc., an Investment Advisory firm based in Bee Cave, Texas. He is known for his financial adventures and provides comprehensive and customized financial planning and advisory services to various customers. Richard provides his services to individuals, families, and small business owners with a number of services including retirement services, income plans, asset creating plans, etc. Under the leadership of Blair, Wealth Solutions looks for opportunities where it can invest and get the best results for the customers according to their needs. Richard has more than two decades of experience in financial industry, and that helps him to grasp the potential opportunities in the market better and tap it.



Wealth Solutions mainly offers three services namely wealth management, financial planning, and retirement planning. The wealth management is an option created for wealthy individuals and families to run their business and assets efficiently. The option is useful for people who can’t manage the business themselves. Richard creates a comprehensive investment portfolio for his clients by setting their goals as the target. The financial planning option is personalized according to the requirements of the customers. Richard works to split the goals into two: long-term and short-term goals to by evaluating assets, liabilities and current financial condition of the customers. In retirement planning, Blair understands the need for the clients and their retirement needs and go for simple to complex retirement portfolios. His retirement plans include a mix of mutual funds, IRA investments, annuities, and more. Blair also advises on the better saving of taxes, convenient time to take Social Security, ways to create steady income after retirement, etc.



Richard wants the best service to be offered to his clients and treats every customer with equal importance and value. He gets a significant number of new customers by the referrals of existing happy customers, and he keeps a long-term relationship with each of them. Blair has a mission to bring a positive difference in the lives of individuals, families, and small time business owners by helping them to leverage through his financial advisory services.



To extend his expertise in financial advisory services, Richard has completed a number of industry certifications such as CES, CAS, CFS, RICP, and more. Blair completed his graduation in Finance from the University of Houston and started his financial career in 1993. In the next year, he founded Wealth Solutions, Inc. to offer better financial options to the customers in and around Austin.