The OSI Group McDonalds Hamburger Production Process

McDonald’s has had a successful run in the industry which spurns decades of commitment and production. Recently, there was a tour conducted to showcase how meat processing occurs to produce the infamous OSI Food Solutions burgers. This in light of the growing trend of ingredients used in production as the move from organic ingredients to excess sugar and salt. The tour was at the McDonald’s factory that is based in Gunzburg, Germany. The factory has an average of 5 million burgers ranging from the Big Mac and Quarter Pounder daily. The OSI Food Solutions first supplied the McDonald’s hamburgers through intricate business collaboration. With the expansion plans set in Europe, the first OSI’s factory was opened in the village of Gunzburg.

Even though the factory is not wholly-owned by the McDonald’s, there are tight agreements between the two firms. The employees of the OSI Food Solutions have to be medically cleared to work at the factory to avoid virus or bacterial infections with the meat. The employees also wear protective gear and wash hand thoroughly before entering the factory. There is a strict policy of no preservatives added to the meat as part of the quality requirements. The OSI Food Solutions factory receives large pieces of meat from slaughterhouses to reduce the contamination risk due to the small surface area left for contamination by bacteria. Forklifts are used for driving and collection the new meat containers.

Blenders are used to grind the meat while eliminating any small bone pieces. The factory can process simultaneously eight containers of meat with a total weight of 500 kilograms each. The mined meat is then placed in a separate container to be used for the burgers. The beef is mixed between fresh and frozen to correct the temperatures of the burgers. There are machines which also produce vegetarian burgers. The machines are freezing and emit water vapour and ice forms on the machines. The burgers are tested to ensure that the fat content is at 20%. They are also grilled and tasted to ensure that the standard, structure and texture are up to par with the standards held by the OSI Group McDonalds. The burgers are then packed at -18 degree Celsius until when they are unpacked.

How to Optimize Press Release Headline Both For Google & Humans

A press release distribution is a definite communication tool to spread the word about your business. This can be maximized by writing optimized headlines to make your content easily found on the search engines.

Writers must know how to craft headlines that satisfy not only the human eyes but also Google’s eyes. It is easy to fall in the trap of creating lifeless, boring headlines. However, writers should not forget that they can still write awesome headlines that follow the journalistic style.

Read on to find out how you can optimize your headline for releases:


  • Write a different headline for the release and the page.


They should have different headlines because the release headline is what is seen by humans, while page titles are for the search engines. Think of a common title that combines SEO and creativity. It should be attention-grabbing and easy to understand.

The headline of your release should be newsworthy, interesting and relevant. The page title should be driven by keywords.

Headline of a release: “10 Ways to Teach Your Children How To Clean Their Own Bedroom”

Headline of a page: 10 Ways to Teach Your Children How To Clean Their Own Bedroom


  • Use social media.


Social media is a big part of your content optimization. Links found outside your site of authority like social media channels can boost your search engine ranking.

Getting active on social media can help build brand awareness. It is a great tool to make your content easily go viral. Just imagine your content being shared, liked and retweeted. The more engaging your content is, the more it is optimized for the search engines.


  • Follow the right length of headlines to optimize it for social media.


Today, traditional releases have become a social media press release (SMPR). This means that they can be shared and optimize for social media.

A lengthy headline doesn’t appeal to social media users. In order to boost engagement, they must read short, but interesting and catchy headlines.

When sharing on Twitter, it should be limited to 140 characters to allow people to include links. An optimized headline follows the right length of the headlines.

Always remember that you are optimizing the headline both for the users and the search engines. Keep it succinct and ensure that you include your brand name in order to know if readers will pay attention to it or not.


  • Add a meta description.


Headlines with meta description can boost your site’s rank on the search engine result page. A meta description is an important tool for the search engines because it tells them what your content is all about. It also tells whether the content is appropriate for a search inquiry.

Meta description includes the keyword and is limited only to 150 characters. Even they are crafted for the search engines, they can still be seen by humans. For this reason, it should be informative, interesting and succinct.


  • Use relevant keywords.


The headline of your release should contain the keyword. A well-optimized headline has a keyword in it, without looking like that it is forced into it.

If there is a subhead, it should also contain a keyword for optimization. Keywords should be placed at the top of the content and spread throughout.

Before you begin writing your release, do keyword research. It will help you determine the right keywords that your target customers are using when they are searching for your brand, products or services on the search engines.

There are a number of keyword research tools that you can use. Avoid guessing keywords.

Lastly, you have to keep the headline newsworthy. Google gives credit to content that offers value to the readers.

Try to create a newsworthy, catchy and interesting headline all the time. You only have one time to impress the search engines and a few seconds to get a click from the readers.

Young Entrepreneur Sergey Petrossov Builds A Business Worth $1.5 Billion

Sergey Petrossov is an entrepreneur in the private jet industry. He was just 22 when he came up with the idea of an app that would revolutionize that industry. Three years earlier, he had booked a private jet and saw first-hand just how antiquated and frustrating it was. He knew he could come up with something better and he did.

In 2013, Sergey Petrossov introduced JetSmarter to the world. People that pay to be subscribers of this app receive perks. First, they can book a private jet flight in just moments instead of spending an hour filling out forms with a pen. Second, they can book a flight on a flight that some other subscriber set up.

His vision led to a company that is now valued at $1.5 billion. Before he entered the private jet industry the costs were very high and the average flight had just two or three passengers on it. Due to JetSmarter, the costs are coming down dramatically as planes are used more efficiently with more passengers on them.

When asked about being a young entrepreneur, now 29, Sergey Petrossov says that 20-somethings need to take a lot more risks than most of them do. People set for some corporate job instead of trying to really achieve something by starting their own business. As he points out, it’s when you’re young without that many responsibilities that you can most afford to take on risk.

Sergey Petrossov points out that most people don’t want to be old, looking back on their life, and feeling like they never really took a big chance with their career. He says that when you’re young take all the risks you can because at some point you will be older and unable to do so.

 Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum Got Involved Early On

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum Took It Step By Step

An individual has two options in life. On a daily basis, they can take actions that will improve their circumstances or they can take actions that will make them regress into a state that they would rather not be in. The fact is that it is easy to do the latter and much more difficult to do the former. The latter is easier to do because of the fact that one simply needs to choose the path of comfort and pleasure, the former would require one to choose a life that is a bit more difficult but much more rewarding.

People like Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum have taken the difficult route, the route that takes more action and resolve. People like Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum have found that this path is definitely much more rewarding and that it can pay in great dividends over time.

People like Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum have focused on an item and they have taken it to step by step each day, slowly chipping away at obstacles and issues that were in their way and they made it to where they were today. At each step of the way, they made certain to be resourceful and to be connected to their communities so that they could have simple and fast learning.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum and his peers are aware that it is not useful to conduct work by yourself and go it alone, it much more rewarding to be part of cohorts that help you to become better and push you to achieve greater heights. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum and people like him know that one must keep it professional throughout their regular lives and that they have to do positive actions and activities that will help propel them to the next stage in life. They have to be prepared and ready to face the trials and curve balls that life will throw at them.

As such, they prepare every single day.

Read more about Dr. Ira in an interview he gave recently

Potential Advancements in Accounting According to Dabie Tsai

Dabie Tsai is an expert in the field of accounting and has made an excellent reputation for herself due to her good leadership skills. Tsai started off at KPMG, an international company that provides audit, tax and advisory services and was a partner for 11 years.

The future of the accounting industry is bright, according to Tsai. She attributes this hopeful perspective to the changing trends of the modern world, such as the introduction of computers to the accounting industry.She, as the most trustful accountant worldwide, knows the execution of machine learning expertise is one of the key drivers of change in the future. It is made possible by the use of simulated intelligence to help computerize tasks with recognizable patterns. Device learning algorithms allow computers to read and utilize information to finish a task by trial and error. They are more suited to works that are repetitive such as data entry and basic analysis (Quora).

The internet is another tool that has led to advancement in accounting. The world is becoming more globalized as time goes by. According to Dabie Tsai, the use of email and video conferencing is a major trend to bring companies together to discuss issues and matters affecting business. Instead of traveling to a far country to give an audit report to an international client, for example, one could easily video conference with the other party.

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Matt Badiali- A Mission of Helping the Average Investors

Matt Badiali is a respected investor in the United States. He is one of the few investors who can manage to make profitable investments in the natural resources sector. His expertise in his field has enabled him to stay ahead of other investors who rely on information collected from business media. It is the ability to make independent decisions that makes a great difference between profitable investors and those who do not. Badiali is a genuine expert with the necessary academic and field experience to guide others. He has everything it takes to help a majority of average American investors who are struggling to get their hands on profitable investing strategies.


Matt Badiali joined the investment sector in 2004 after a friend advised him to use his knowledge in natural resources for financial gains through investments. Since then, he has never looked back. He realized that he knew a lot of information that not only helped him but thousands of average American investors interested in getting financial freedom. Fifteen years after starting, he has managed to touch the lives of a very high number of people. He has made it possible for people who would have easily given up on investment to smile all the way to the bank after making huge returns.


When Matt Badiali started this journey of advising others on the right investment opportunities, he remembered how he saw his father struggle to make profitable investments and decided that he would never let anyone else go through the same challenges. He was ready to share the information he had with the less experienced. He knew that this way, he could touch the lives of a good number of people struggling to make ends meet. Since financial freedom is a dream for very many people, he has made sure that those who follow his advice get it. Matt Badiali is setting a great example that will see the people benefit from the many opportunities that he is revealing to his followers. He has started the Real Wealth Strategist newsletter to offer guidance on these investments. The newsletter contains vital tips on how one can become an independent financial.

Article Title: Igor Cornelsen Helping You Develop An Effective Investment Strategy

Article Text:

Achieving financial freedom is a complicated job, and many factors work collectively to achieve it. People without a financial background might not be able to consider all these factors, and thus, it eventually leads to significant losses. It is for this reason; one should always take the guidance of an expert financial advisor to achieve success. Igor Cornelsen is an investment advisor you can trust to manage your investment portfolio. In his career, Igor Cornelsen has worked with many banks and financial organization where he learned the inner dynamics of investment banking and corporate culture. He even served as the CEO of Multibanco for several years before joining Libra Bank PLC.

Igor Cornelsen has over four decades of experience in the field of investment banking and corporate advisory. He continues to be associated with many companies as a business development consultant and also heads an investment advisory firm Bainbridge Investment Inc. Igor Cornelsen understands that many people struggle to understand how the financial markets work and where to invest and when. It is for this reason he shares his knowledge and experience with others to help them make the most of the market trends and invest smartly.

One of his key focuses has always been a stock market investment, and he also helps people pick the right stocks for investment. It is a well-known fact that the stock market is a high-risk investment venue and if you do not research before investing, rest assured you would suffer from the tremendous loss. Taking the advice of Igor Cornelsen who has been investing in the stock market for many years and has also managed many funds is going to pave the way for success with your investment. Many individuals have been knocking the doors of his investment advisory firm, Bainbridge Investments, to take his advice on planning a wealth management strategy.

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The Polite Thunder Of Betsy Devos

Mrs. DeVos is the latest supervisor for the Education Department. Also, because it is officially one of the functions that the Vice President serves, it was the Vice President, Mike Pence, who produced the final vote to support her in the Senate, during her confirmation hearing. Hence, Vice President Mike Pence managed to make sure that she gained the majority of the votes in the Senate as well as in so doing affirmed her hiring. I ought to as well mention the fact that a Vice President getting forced to accomplish this is a rather unusual circumstance.


On the flip side, Mrs. Betsy DeVos made an error when she produced incorrect data concerning the volume of the growing debt held by academic pupils. However, as opposed to her sibling who is the well-known owner of a sizable private armed forces organization, Mrs. DeVos didn’t always want to help Trump. Also, open public education organizations donate large sums to liberal senators, and when they voted against her in the Senate, it was because their political supporters forced these senators to cast their votes against her in the Senate.


Her partner was someone who ran for governor in 2006. She feels that mothers and fathers need the ability to pick the right intellectual environment for their kids, and this is a claim that she repeated during her speech before the Senate. Furthermore, she has additionally reasoned that she believes firearms are acceptable and should be allowed on institution environs in some scenarios.


She has stated she wants to help improve the educational framework for the United States of America. The United States of America is furthermore lagging behind several other nations all over the world in terms of the achievements on educational tests. Additionally, the parent of Mrs. DeVos, Edgar Prince, established a faith-based organization during the year 1983.


Her political opposition reacted after listening to her before the Senate when her statements attacking open public educational institutions served to support the preconceptions and worries of her rivals. Moreover, her husband was an applicant for the position of governor of Michigan in 2006. Training vouchers provide trainees, as highlighted by their supporters, a choice to open public schools that as well are without question criticized by conservatives.


Conservatives criticize open public schools because of the effects of the unions in addition to the impossibility of terminating teachers. Consequently, she is going to have the ability to make use of her new job and the political power that she carries within the GOP to support her strategies to reform regulations for the learning programs of the United States of America. She states that she wants to help the United States of America to build up its learning programs.


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Greg Blatt’s Leadership Skills Continue to Help Him Excel

Greg Blatt is known for his leadership and being able to help organizations to expand. Blatt has been a top leader for Tinder, IAC, and Match Group. Between the years of 2009 to 2017 he was CEO for at least one of the companies. He has also worked in various capacities within the organization. So he has a knack for leadership and being a part of a team.

One thing that has helped him to be so successful within the organization is his study of law. When someone studies law, they are upheld to certain criteria of standards. They have to work hard and be quite disciplined. This pathway has helped him to take what he learned from studying law into his roles in leadership. He is determined as ever.

Since he was a part of the dating industry, one of the top things required is being knowledgeable about customer support. The platform works with a variety of customers from all kinds of backgrounds. So, he knows what direction to take his organization to ensure they are able to help every customer to the best of their ability. Greg Blatt has been able to take what he has learned and submerge himself into one industry. When someone is able to do that they will have no choice but to become successful because they will know exactly what they are doing.

Greg Blatt has been able to expand every company that he has been a part of. He is known for his strong leadership and helping companies to improve. In fact, many companies choose to hire him for this very reason.

No one can deny that Greg Blatt knows what he is doing when it comes to business. He has been able to build successful teams for a number of years.

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Andy Khawaja lays bare Allied Wallet’s next business moves

Dr. Andy Khawaja is a notable profession in the business sector and also the CEO of Allied Wallet, a leading provider of online payment solutions. Of late, the company has been making significant moves in the market that have helped it substantially grow. This growth even put Andy in the cover of the latest edition of The Technology Headlines. Recently, this CEO talked with Business Wire where he discussed his company’s next moves (AlliedWallet).

Focusing on advancement

During the interview, the company´s CEO stated that his company would be focusing on advancement. He pointed out that Allied Wallet´s goal is to make online payment processing as smooth as possible and as convenient as it can be even for small businesses. According to Andy Khawaja, the world we are living in currently is very entrepreneurial. Many small businesses are coming up and thanks to technology these companies snowball into major industry players in just a short time. It is technologies like state-of-the-art online payment solutions that can help more of these businesses grow. The firm´s CEO went on to state that his company had identified Artificial Intelligence as the next phase in the online payments processing solutions. Therefore, this is where Allied Wallet will be training its focus.

Artificial Intelligence to open new possibilities

Andy Khawaja pointed out that his company was looking to take advantage of Artificial Intelligence to open new possibilities on the online payment processing solutions front. He went ahead to state that with this new technology, online payments will not only be smoother but also more secure. The Allied Wallet CEO mentioned that with the advancement of technology, the biggest threat to online payment solutions is cyberattacks. If such an attack happens, a company not only stands to lose money but also proprietary information. AI will solve this problem once and for all.

About Allied Wallet

Allied provides online payment solutions to business such as e-commerce platforms, hotels, restaurants, and supermarkets. The company has been leading its competition by providing innovative and optimized solutions. The online payment solutions provider is now looking to embrace Artificial Intelligence to better its offerings.

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