Jose Borghi Talks About Virtual Reality And Marketing

The entertainment and advertising industry has not seen a major breakthrough in technology for years. Jose Borghi says that one possible avenue for a major change in audience viewership and brand advertisement is through virtual reality. This would involve audiences wearing special glasses that would allow the viewer of content such as video and film to be inside the virtual reality created by the content.

Mullen Lowe Brazil advertising executive Jose Borghi says that some brands are investing millions of dollars in the development of virtual reality accessories of glasses so that potential clients can better interact with the brand. The virtual reality segment is expected to increase to over $20 billion dollars annually in the next four years. You can be sure that some part of this investment and revenue will involve advertising and brand interaction and showcasing.

Jose Borghi admits that Brazil is lagging behind the rest of the world when it comes to technological developments in advertising and entertainment. It is a developing country and its technology in its economy is behind developed nations such as the United States and the United Kingdom for example. So is there a place for virtual reality in Brazil?

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Mr. Borghi points out that there is a Brazilian media production company that has been creating and experimenting with virtual reality for many years. It is called O2 films and it has created some of the most fascinating and advanced virtual reality experiences in Brazil. One of these is a completely immersive documentary about the origin of the universe shown on a spherical projection dome. With virtual glasses, viewers of the film are literally transported inside the documentary and can see and “interact” with the film as its transpires across them.

A virtual reality music video has also been created by 02 Films for Brazilian singer Ivete Sangalo. The clip plays out on a 360 degree wide screen. This allows the watchers of the film with virtual reality glasses to interact with the clip thanks to virtual reality technology.

The immersive aspects of virtual reality as shown by the universe documentary and music clip shows that virtual reality can be used to create a more interactive and personal experience. Applied to marketing and advertising goods, this same concept can be used to create a more interactive and up close advertisement for consumers. There are many challenges though to using virtual reality for marketing. The medium is not very well developed yet. All aspects of the project also have to be in sync to create a flawless experience that will really make a product or service stand out. Still, expect virtual reality advertising a possibility in the not too far off future states Jose Borghi.

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