Michael Zomber Shows Us The World Of The Samurai

The world of ancient Japan was one that was highly complicated and complex. Japanese culture had many influences over the centuries. However, Japanese leaders decided that it was best for their society to eventually shut all the doors of the nation to all possible outsiders. This is why no one from places outside of Japan was allowed to settle here for many centuries. During this time, locals created a culture that still pulls on the imagination today. Someone who has studied the world of Japanese culture before the arrival of the outside world is historian and author Michael Zomber.

The Samurai World

An aspect of Japanese ancient culture that has drawn much attention from Zomber is that of the world the Japanese Samurai. The Japanese Samurai were a group of warriors who were much famed in Japan and other places for their devotion to duty and their loyalty. They were also much admired for the handwork and detail that was used in the armor they wore and the swords they carried. Zomber has explored such armor and swords in great detail over the course of his lifetime. His passionate love of the complex creation of such items has led him to a career writing about such items and speaking to others about their value and initial creation. He knows that people look to him for an understanding of the culture of the Samurai and the way such items were used by these warriors during the course of their daily lives. He wants others to share his personal passion for this objects and learn to appreciate the culture that helped create them.

Writing About The Samurai

Zomber has chosen to inform the world about the Samurai period in Japan in many ways. One way is to write about this time in the form of fiction. He has written multiple factual articles about the ways in which Samurai culture flourished. His novel, Shogun Iemitsu, is about the culture that led to a romance between two highly admired Samurai. In it, he draws on his extensive understanding of this period of time to help readers experience what life was like each day for those who were part of this elite warrior class. He also helps the reader understand the creation of items that were used by the Samurai including armor and swords. Many fans have found his work highly original and quite compelling.  He also produced a documentary on Bushido that’s available on YouTube.

Michael Zomber continues to work with the History Channel to make things happen.  If you’d like to know more about Michael and his passion for history, be sure to follow him on Facebook.  Or there’s a full biography on his website.